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Life is wonderful when you actively pursue it to see it the good. Its the simple things in life that make it so special.

30 Days of Love & Gratitude 2013 from Jenne Vazquez on Vimeo.
Little snippets of our ordinary lives from February 2013 a 30 day filming project prompted by the amazing Hailey Bartholomew and Sue Bryce on CreativeLIVE

The key words I used to film were "Love and Gratitude" anything I thought evoked those feelings. This was an amazing project for me and it really made me fall in love with motion film, its not the best but I love watching it anyway to see how much I've grown and of course remember how adorable my son was at 3 years old and what our lives were like back then.

Caspian from Jenne Vazquez on Vimeo.
An interview with Caspian at 4 years old, I recommend parents to do this with your kids at least once

Our First Family Vacation 

Chick Fil A Cow Appreciation Day 2013 from Jenne Vazquez on Vimeo.
How to dress like a Cow for Chick Fil A Dress like a Cow day 2013

Gets you a free meal instantly once a year, what a deal! And its very aw-moo-sing to see all the cute cows at this beloved family fast food restaurant. This is how our family and friends break it down.

November Sunrise from Jenne Vazquez on Vimeo.
An impromptu film of my husband and son playing in the light of the morning sun

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