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UCLA Midterms Week, Still Alive!

I made it, I'm still alive!  I just finished my first official Midterms week at UCLA and let me tell you its no joke. I hardly slept at all Tuesday night trying to finish a ten page paper for Medical Sociology 170. Sixteen pages later I was nearly falling asleep in class, sitting there rubbing peppermint essential oil and wild orange essential oil just to stay awake. I did not do as great as I would have wanted in my genetics exam for LS7B but its passing for now. I have a 4.0 GPA until further notice.  My hopes of getting into the Communications major and double majoring in HBS and Comm are looking pretty grim. I need to maintain a 3.7 and take the intro to communications class, Comm 10 just to apply. Rethinking my plan right now, Anthropology is looking pretty good from where I stand. In fact next week I have a meeting with Dr. Molly Fox, a Yale University and Cambridge University graduate and biological anthropology professor that studies pregnant and postpartum Latina, Hispanic, Chicana or Mexican women and fetal development. She is my total academic crush right now I just hope I don't blow it and she allows me to be part of her research team! I've got volunteering at the hospital tomorrow and picking up the Bean from my mom's house. I really hate having him there during the week but this week was a special treat since my mom came over for Halloween festivities on Tuesday and spent the night. He looked anxious to leave with her last night as if he knows he has two homes for now. Its been really tough and I would cry just thinking about it but I know its temporary.

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