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UCLA Fall Quarter Week 1

First week of Fall quarter at UCLA. I finally had the courage to look at my Transfer Summer Program grades and it turns out all my hard work and sleepless night paid off. I got all As and started my fall quarter with a 4.0. Today is the last day of a full week of fall and I am one tenth of the way to Finals. I feel the quarter system is certainly moving faster than what I am used to at community college but much slower than TSP which is a little bit of a relief. On my schedule I have a few classes I am taking this quarter. Many of the classes I took my last year at community college did not count at all and did not transfer in, that was very disappointing. I am also retaking a biological evolution class because UCLA has different requirements. Currently enrolled in 17 units with three of my final exams listed on the last day of finals week following each other and only 30 minutes apart. I was so freaked out but it turns out one of them is just a paper so I plan to get ahead on that well before the time comes.

Caspian went to his first UCLA class with me on Monday. He sat through Communications Decoding Social  Media. He was an excellent guest student. Wouldn't it be cool if I could just bring him to every class❓ in my mind I keep thinking I'll be able to homeschool him again one day. It's unrealistic I know but I can dream. UCLA had its own elementary school called the LAB its an experimental school of some sort. I think kids have to test to get in and tuition is higher than an undergrad students.

 I am considering a double major in Anthropology or a minor in Entrepreneurship, I am not quite sure which would be more useful or rather I am aiming just to learn something that is interesting in which case that would be Biological Anthropology for me. I love learning about human evolutionary history and I seem to keep running into people that share a love for learning about different cultures. My Society and Genetics course is really interesting, it is taught by a professor who is an anthropologist whom was a head collaborator in the conception of my major. The Human Biology and Society major in the Institute of Society and Genetics is relatively young. It sprouted in 2011 which is the year I would have graduated had I gone straight to college. I guess there's perks to being an untraditional student. And speaking of being untraditional, I have met a few students with dependents with children close to the ages of my boys. There are tons of resources at UCLA for students like me, Veteran families, Undocumented students and even for those who identify or support the LGBT Community. I'm very glad I came here, even if I do have to drive to Orange County at least once a week to volunteer at Children's Hospital of Orange County.  

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