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UCLA Fall Quarter Week 4

 Its Thursday night of week four at UCLA, midterms are next week. I'm stuck in traffic behind a beautiful black Tesla electric car and I'm excited to go home and find my baby waiting for me.  Tonight is the social of the Lambda Sorority they're going to carve pumpkins and having a good time. Part of me really wishes I could go but I know that my priorities lie with my kids. Unlike your regular college student even a regular untraditional student I don't have the opportunity to socialize and network as much in college.  I  try to meet as many people as I can during my time on campus. Tonight I had a thought, that I should use my own website about things that interest me until now reserved my website to be a place to share my photography only I even went to the extent of creating a different blog [this one] to talk about my kids to in order to segregate pictures that I take with my phone and the pictures that I take with my DSLR.  I wish there was a place I could share some of my papers that I write for college courses.   I hope that by sharing my thoughts I can connect with others Who might want some information about what I'm learning. A lot of the time I find myself baffled to the fact I didn't know facts that affect me everyday. I am learning about public health, the history of hospitals, the critical race theory, genetics, fitness etc. I want to share issues and whatever else I might be learning or going or experiencing in life as a college mom. Perhaps I could motivate someone else to start their higher education journey.  I  releasing some of the  papers that I wrote for the transfer summer program at UCLA.  As I mentioned on Instagram (I'm @jennevazquez by the way follow me if you want to see daily pics of college mama life) the transfer summer program or TSP is a program created by the AAP "advanced academic advancement program" at UCLA. AAP helps build a bridge between disadvantaged students and a college education. It is 6:37PM,  I pulled up to my home at University Village Housing.  I think about all the grad students that's live around me. They are also sharing similar experiences as parents and students,  most of the students at the village are PhD candidates,  future doctors,  lawyers, engineers an MBAs. A lot of them are doing research that is perhaps one day but I will be doing, being surrounded by such amazing minds and being able to connect to them on a personal non-academic level is invaluable, I hope I can do that for my readers too.  

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