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Nursing or Doctoring

I'm sitting in my dorm with two weeks left to go of this program. I've learned a lot in the last four weeks and am looking forward to finishing. I miss my kid's snuggles specially Momos chubby legs and Caspian's arms around me as we sleep. I have had so many moments where I ask myself what I'm doing here, I've wept and felt despair just thinking of How much time  this process is taking. When I first got here I was proud and excited to share I want to be a doctor, as time goes on I keep thinking of how much I am missing out on my kids lives just being here studying all day, can I freaky do this for seven more years? How about eleven? At least one of my children will be too old by them to call me Mommy. Is it even worth it? What if I did an entry level nursing program instead? That makes so much more sense. I want to work with babies, neonatal nurse practitioner sounds more like it... but at requires two years of specialized program, two years of prior neonatal work experience as an RN and to get a nursing degree I still need a two to three year entry level masters nursing degree after my non nursing bachelors. That's that's still an  8 year process. Gosh might as well just go to medical school.  The cost of additional schooling and will equal out eventually with the additional income earned.

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