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I want to quit so bad

I"m having one of those moments right now when I want to quit so bad. I am less than one page into a 5 page paper due tomorrow. My mom had to take Momo to the doctors today. He had a rash all over his body, it looked bad in the pictures. Doctor said it was an allergy to something but we don't know what. He got shots and a cream, we'll have to take him back to Dr. Ruiz for testing.

I spoke to my Academic Advancement Program counselor today. She said don't do pre-med at UCLA. She advised to do concurrent enrollment at community college if I really wanted to but expressed my workload may be too much so a post-bacc would be a better option. At this point I don't even know if I want to do that anymore. I miss my kids so much. Office hours with the research Peer Learning Facilitators was somewhat useful. One of them is focusing her PhD on corn in Mexico. San Juan says research needs to be personal, it has to be a topic that fills us with passion. We have a research proposal due next week. I submitted a pre-proposal for "Trans-generational transmission of trauma in children of Iraq veterans that served between 2003-2009" Turns out whatever it is I want to do has a name, traveling around the world taking pictures and studying different cultures is called a Visual Ethnographer or Visual Anthropologist. I also spoke to the CAPS counselor, feeling a little, no a lot stressed. And lastly I spoke to my department counselor today to plan out my two years at UCLA. Thinking of double majoring in Anthropology, Im ready to at least declare the minor, forget Entrepreneurship. Gotta get back to my paper, Gloria Anzaldua and Paul Freire.

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