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Have you seen my sweet baby?

He's on a verge of another meltdown, his face is scrunched and his button nose is flaring, tiny stained teeth showing as he whines for me to stop. It's time to go and he needs to put his shoes on. He Yanks at my clothes as I try to wrangle him but he escapes. With his chubby fingers he is pointing at the door, and I explain all over again why we can't go outside until his shoes are on. I think I know now whwt he wants, but it's not time for that now, it's too early. One more time I grasp at him but he yelps and goes screaming into the hallway. He wants to jump outside on the trampoline but it's time to go to school. Its starting to get late so I hold his shoulders and sit him down on my lap. He does not agree with what is happening and slides his body not the cold tile floor, screaming and crying, tears welling in his eyes. Afraid he will hurt his head I slide my fingers down protecting his skull from impact. I shove his little shoes on his chubby feet and a wave of guilt sweeps over me as he twists and turns like a fish caught in a net. When I finish I let him lay on the floor for a minute still screaming from the injustice he just went through. His brother squeezes through the front door and asks if we can go now. I look down again at my youngest and inform him he has to get up so we can go. He protests. Refusing to rise up, he pulls himself together like a soldier defeated in battle, his arms limp and head down, still on his knees he kneels around slowly inching towards me. "It's time to go" I say again, "C'mon sweetie". Can't wait any longer, I reach and pick him up, his stocky body puts pressure on my back, he's so much heavier now. He was once my sweet little baby but it's a  dark road ahead it seems, ive been welcomed into the terrible twos early.

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