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Fast, Cheap and Fat - Documentary Film

I came across a documentary film called "Fast food, Fat profits, Obesity in America"

that discusses the repercussions of fast food and its impact in the obesity epidemic here in America. The video explains that the problem of obesity is becoming worse everyday and the cause of this is lack of education. To top this off fast food which is often filled with sodium and trans saturated fats are widely available for children and adults on the go, this makes choosing for example a burger for $1 versus an apple for the same amount very difficult. One may give you 120 calories, carbohydrates, fiber and various vitamins and minerals but the other gives you 600, protein, carbohydrates you feel somewhat more satisfied however are more likely to overeat given the amount of calories and the side options including soda and fries. The video goes to show several people talking about how they are making a difference in the communities by bringing awareness of healthy options for their body. A doctor in particular is rapping or bringing hip hop to disadvantaged children to teach them how to stay healthy by making the medium of education relatable and memorable. Another woman teaches how to cook from raw healthy organic fruit in a community who is in a ‘desert’ of sorts where the only stores that serve the community are convenience stores filled with liquor stores selling drinks and junk food.

I appreciated the information in this video and subsequently showed it to Caspian who loves to eat burgers and pizza. Its very hard as a mother to feed my children healthy food sometimes because we are surrounded by fast, easy and cheap alternatives, being in college and running on top of it makes it nearly impossible. Children are primarily influenced by taste but also by what they learn around them. The video made it possible to explain the long term effects of eating the way he wants to. To further drive this point, my oldest brother was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes at 21 years old, he then proceeded to lose job after job from having to go to the hospital and has been sickly ever since. This is not to say Diabetes ruins your life but he suffered from depression and together they tore him down. When I asked him what about the way he was living brought on this disease, he told me that it was the availability of junk foods specifically hamburgers and sweet drinks that were responsible. He worked long hours and often ate burgers and soda every day, coupled with the lack of exercise, he exacerbated his body and brought on this disease. This is both terrifying as well as sobering for me as a mother, my mom did not really teach us to eat healthy, according to her she always just fed us whatever was available. My brother turned 30 yesterday and my mom is nearly 50, she is obese and also suffers from Type 2 diabetes. I do not want this for me or for my children, so I will do whatever I can to feed them a healthy balanced meal, even if it means Caspian going on a hunger strike until he develops a taste for something other than fast, cheap and fat.   


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