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$844.20 Counteroffer

A bill came in today for $844.20 for our 3 hour visit at CHOC hospital from Rhett's seizure earlier this year. Thankfully, insurance is paying for the majority of it but I could help but wonder, what if I sent them a counteroffer of what price I'd like to pay as my copay instead? This week I announced I will be starting to shoot photography again and in an attempt to jump start my business I offered a very discounted rate, the most disheartening thing was when I received a counteroffer to my already lowered prices. Part of me was sad, then I chose to turn the nasty heart sinking feeling in for motivation instead. I'm obviously not reaching the right people and it's time to get creative with how I market to the  right potential client . A doctor does not operate out of a shack or markets his skills at the fitness studio where people are generally healthy , he waits at the hospital and clinics where they know sick people show up looking for help. This is too what I must do, reach the people who appreciate photography and see photography as an investment made in their families.

** Rett was completely fine, his fever spiked quickly which led to a febrile seizure he had at home which is a condition his father and brother also suffered and he was per-dispositioned to have. Febrile seizures are scary but not dangerous unless they hurt themselves in the process. My mom freaked out and demanded I take him to the emergency room, I knew there was nothing they would do for him, I monitored the seizure so I knew he had not been any injuries and low and behold they administered drugs until he was stable and was told upon our release to go to the pharmacy across the street and buy acetaminophen and ibuprofen to give to him.

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