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Missing my Kids

I feel like I haven't seen my kids all week. Between rushing them off in the morning to rushing them into bed at night is a day full of lectures and class work and homework and no kids. Actually starting to miss my own kids. I just came home from a 4 hour trip to Los Angeles to do a membership overview for doTERRA, before that I spent 5 hours at school at my Friday nutrition class, in between I came home, ate a peanut butter sandwich, and a mango. I found mi amor outside on the trampoline pushing cars back and forth with Rett, I snuck in the house without him seeing me and then came outside watching him quietly. When he finally saw me his face lit up and demanded I played with him. For about an hour my little boy still dressed in his minions pajamas at 1:30pm and I played running around the front yard and sliding down the slide, he insisted I catch him every time. I left him the same way I left this morning, hoping he wouldn't notice. Luckily by this time I had nursed him to sleep when I handed him off to mi amor. Caspian is another story, I haven't seen very much of my big boy either, I woke up early and made them pancakes, then drove him to school wishing him good luck on his tests. He is an amazing speller, I'm a proud mom. It's now past 7pm and I'm home and no kids, mi amor took them out to eat, debating whether I should take the time to finally go to the gym this week or finally clean the house or perhaps study, but we have no more milk, eggs, cheese and peanut butter, the essentials.


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