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Spring Semester 2017 - Week 1

 It's the first day of Spring 2017 semester and I'm hoping this will be my last one here at SAC. I show up to my Biology 214 class and we review the scientific method, Mr. Jang is huge on evidence and asking WHY? I make a friend out of an acquaintance from the PreHealth conference at UC Davis last year. My mom takes the kids to the park and McDonald's for dinner... they come back home too late to go get Valentines Day Cards for tomorrow. 

Tuesday Happy Valentines Day! 
Wish I would have done something special for the boys... I'm 4 out of 16 On the waitlist for Biology 212. Everyone shows up so its not looking good but I make a new friend, she graduated from Berkeley with a Biology and Psychology double major but is retaking the prerequisites again to raise her science GPA for Pharmacy school admission. Makes me think that if I still wanted to be a doctor in the future I should perhaps just wait until after I have my bachelors and then do a Post Bacc so as to not take classes twice. Email my Math 150 - Business Calculus professor to tell her I won't make it to class and head to LAX to pick up my brother instead. The boys and I share chocolate covered strawberries and show up an hour early to the airport so we wait by In-N-Out, their protein burgers are the best! We surprise my mom, she's happy to see her youngest is home. He says he is planning on saving up and doing the Wonderland Trail next, wishing I could go with him. 


I received an acceptance letter to Cal State Long Beach for their Business Marketing program. Mr. Jang reviews past contributors to the field of biology and we review the semester long research project. Prenatal Life Imaging hosts an Essential Oils for Pregnancy & Baby class which turned out fantastic! 

Thursday A Day Without an Immigrant 
It's a foggy morning, there is a storm coming soon. When I drop off the kids, one of Rett's little friends is being sent home for pink eye, intlwk to the mom and offer her some Lavender which helped me. I'm Still on the waitlist for Bio 212 and it's not looking too good. Mr. Morris encourageous me to add another class, I email Mr. Robertson the anthropology department chair but all his physical anthropology labs are full. I promised the Bean that I would pick him up early from school, my car battery died and I see an older woman sitting in a truck flossing her teeth. I open my trunk and pull out my jumper cables,  walk up to her truck and ask her if she can help me. She shakes her head, not skipping a beat or bothering to look at me she continues to floss her teeth. I walk back to my car and call my mom, no answer, try her again, and again and again, nothing. A little while later the guy parked next to me comes by and is sitting in his car for a minute, I ask him if he can help me jumpstart my car. "No jumper cables," that's ok I tell him, I have some and show him. "Honestly I don't know how," I think I know how, it's just positive and positive, negative negative. Apprehensively he gets out of his car, I walk over to my car driver side and pull out the jumper cables, then find him standing in front of his car, he says he doesn't know how to open his own hood. Ok... I try to fiddle with the hood, he walks to his car door supposedly presses something. No luck, I'm not familiar with BMWs. He claims he does his own oil changes. "How does a guy know how to do an oil change but doesn't know how to jumpstart a car or open their own hood?" He doesn't want to help, I think to myself... he mentions he has to go to class. Ok I guess, thanks... but instead of heading to school he gets in his car and drives off, confirming my suspicion. At this point I'm really upset, I won't be there early for Cas like I promised. I'm feeling sad and angry and a sense that humans are senseless, selfish creatures and only look out for themselves. Those were the thoughts running through my mind, what does that say about me?  Still No answer from mom, brother's phone is no good either. The marine is texting me but he is hundreds of miles away so there's not much he can do. Doesnt Geico offer roadside assistance? I'm looking it up then remember the last time I locked my car keys it took them 3 hours to come help me. Finally I search for portable car batteries, low and behold Target has them! I walk to Target and disregard my budget charging it on my credit card. Chocking back tears I'm ready to charge my battery when a car pulls up and they ask me if I needed help, having already given up on people I broke down crying, a little dramatic but I'm a sensitive creature gosh darn It! The woman and man get out of their car and help me charge my battery, she has a sweet voice and short curly brown hair, she calmed me down and before leaving gives me a water bottle and sweet candies instructing me to relax before driving off to pick up my son. Their names were Virginia and Ed and little Maya sitting in the car. The thing they said last struck me so hard and I can't begin to explain why, "GOD BLESS YOU!" Me and God or what I've been calling  "the concept of God" haven't been quite the same since the marine left  to Chicago ... I cried some more before leaving to pick up my son, choosing to skip my Math class which was about to start, this possibly may have cost me my seat but i had to firstly see to my sons. When I pick up Caspian I explain why I'm late, and make him promise that if he ever sees someone that needs help he will be the kind of person who will always offer to lend a hand. We get home and I feed them dinner, veggie rice and scrambled eggs, then head to petition my once a week Linguistic Anthropology class but in  all the craziness of my day I completely forgot it was a day without an Immigrant. 

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