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Santa Ana Zoo

Dead roach on the stove. I clean it up and pull out Soyrizo, wheat tortillas, shredded cheese and eggs. There's a pot that has been sitting there for days, it's hard to say who it belongs to since there's too many people in the house. I peek inside and see that what I first thought was powdered sugar had now grown, I dump it out in the sink, moldy red jello. I should be disgusted but nothing can gross me out more than the time I came come to find an investation of maggots on a plate on the counter. I remember it was when we first flew back from Chicago last August and the house reeked but no one thought to check under the aluminum foil, it had been there for a week. My mom says I like to pick fights and am a "carbrona meaning stubborn, opiniated bitch. All I want is for every one to help out and clean up after themselves.  Rett has started to throw his cereal on the floor and I can't find the broom, i send Cas into Mi Amor's room with a burrito and green apples.  Mi Amor walks out holding her plate, she says someone took my broom outside, again. I had just washed it out after her boyfriend had used it to sweep the rat poop in the garage. Irritated. Cas helps me sort clothes and Rett cries by the door while I fold clothes and load the washer. I come back in the house from taking the trash out to find Rett sucking on a lollipop he found in Mi Amor's room, I take it away and he screams and swings at me, now my hair is sticky.  

We had a rough start this morning but Every Sunday is Family Fun day with the boys and today is Santa Ana Zoo day. Every third Sunday of the month is free for Santa Ana residents. Cas led the way as our tourist guide, he read the information plaques of the animals teaching us about them. He was most excited about the Aunt Eaters. Rett enjoyed getting to touch the animals during the live presentation, he pet the bunny and Liberacci the French rooster. He couldn't wait to touch them when the Zoo keeper came near, he reached out his arms and would still be reaching toward her after his turn was up. My favorite was seeing all the primates, specifically the Lion Tamarins of which I wrote a report on in Anthropology. We jumped through puddles leftover from the recent rainstorm and walked out at closing time Happy and hungry. 
       My hungry kiddos talked Javiercito, their adoptive grandfather into taking us out to eat. I only agreed because he said it would be to celebrate my birthday. We ate at Asia Buffet in Fullerton and feasted until our bellies ached. Tomorrow I turn 28 years young and was a perfect ending to a bad eating life habit.

I've been  asking myself what were the moments that made all this craziness worth it and this was one of them. They held hands on the way home after the Zoo, sometimes I worry they won't bond because of their age difference but I see I have nothing to worry about. I am one happy mama. 

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