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Everything I Desire

I Dream big & Believe in myself. 
am the Master of my Fate, the Captain of my Soul.  
Everything I desire I shall acquire. 
Those are the words I found staring back from a computer screen of a 27 inch Mac computer I've owned for approximately 5 years. Battling the hardrive space monsters I found myself deleting files frantically in the pusuit of added space. That dreaded "Your Startup Disk is almost Full" warning popping up at every click. I deleted old Cache and files in my download folder that I haven't seen in years. Then I ran into one that stopped me dead in my tracks.

July 25th, 2012, I must have been about 23 years old when I wrote it out, a few days after Caspian's 3rd birthday and still stationed in Quantico living in Virginia. Gosh has it really been that long?  I remember showing this to Brittney, an old friend and photographer when I had completed it, it hung next to my desk for a few months before being taken down to move to North Carolina.

5 years ago this is where I wanted to be and although my photography ambitions did not turn out as wildly successful as I planned,  I am happy to say I reached most of the goals I set out for myself that summer. I finally did receive my Associates in Liberal Arts and will also receive my diploma for Business Administration, while my major has changed for a bachelors the part of me that wishes to be a community college professor still remains. I have fallen in love with Anthropology. The Tough Mudder is a worthy replacement for that full Marathon and while I do not own my very own home yet, the one I live in is technically under my name. It looks like a hot air balloon ride is due, although across the country is a little hefty now with two kids I am a little apprehensive about putting myself in danger LOL    

Goals require tweaking, life has changed so much since I wrote these out and just like my computer needed cleaning periodically, taking out the old to allow for new creative work to happen so do our lives. Now inching ever closer to my 29th birthday, (yikes 11 days!) I can rest assured that I have one more year to plan that 30th birthday mascarade and while I may not be a photographer with a studio grossing $300K annually I know that health, education, exploration and happiness have before and still  remain at the forefront of all my goals always. 

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