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Roach Lady

I wish I could just run away with my babies right now. I'm so sick of living in this roach infested, pack rat house. I'm so angry I could cry. The clutter just gets to me, I don't understand how anyone can live like this. I asked my mom today why she had dozens of empty storage containers laying around the house, she said she 'plans to organize a few things'. I thought twice before asking but it finally came out, "When?". She replied annoyed with me, "are you going to start again.". Ugh!!!!! I could just scream. I wanted to give my 30 days notice to move out right then and there. I just can't right now, god damn it I need her help right now. She helps me sometimes to watch the kids when I have work to do. I've started paying a babysitter to watch him while I'm at school, but even that is not going so well. I completely bombed my Biology exam and I'm just surviving my two other classes. I am close to going insane, some sweet friends offered us their home but Caspian really likes his school and I don't want to pull him out again, he's already been to 4 different elementary schools and he's only in 2nd grade. 

The roach lady, her husband and her 3 kids are moving out today, they moved in last month and the same day the roaches started appearing. There's a new couple moving in today, they have two kids, I haven't met them but I hope they are good people. The last couple my mom was going to rent to I didn't get to meet them prior and they turned out to be ex-convicts! She was out for attempted murder and he was involved in gangs or something, of courses mom never asked any questions before taking their deposit. When I got a chance to meet them a few days before them moving in I started asking questions, then I noticed her ankle device, they seemed really nice but in the end I'm so glad my mom decided to give them their deposit back. Life is crazy right now, I've got to find a way to make lemonade out of these lemons. 

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