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Childcare and Cash for College

Babysitter was a no show when I stopped to drop off Rhett this morning. I called and called and finally drove away. She finally returned my call two hours later. Luckily I didn't have class until noon but I wanted to get q few hours of homework and study time squeezed in for this week's exams. When I begin to question Myers on why the hell I do it gosh darn it its for them, I didn't end up going to a UC school, I didn't even end up transferring at all due to lack of money and decided the degree I had chosen was not going to be worth th debt. New plan is to finish the business degree I started ten years ago *gulp* yes I'm that old... Trying hard to be patient with the process and save up as much as I can to be ready to transfer and pay cash for a Cal State next year. 

Rhett has been on the Headstart program wait list for over 8 weeks now, because it's a federally funded program they take their sweet time as most government funded agencies tend to do. I was very liberal growing up in California but having moved away to the east coast, Virginia  and North Carolina, then starting my own businesses I've changed my mind. As I learn more and more about running a successful enterprise  I begin to question the democratic ideologies of spending every possible penny given by grants from the government lest they determine you didn't need that much and give you less next year. Versus perhaps executing tasks the most efficiently and cost saving way possible like a successful business would be run but those are concepts to analyze another time. A book to understand this concept is "Rich Dad Poor Dad". For now all I know is my future and my sons' are in my hands and I'm paying my way through college, living the American Dream. 

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