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Putting a Due Date on Goals

I just came back from a 4 day trip to Columbus Ohio to shoot Andrea Kinter Photography's tutorial videos. While there & heading back home I've been experiencing a lot of dizziness and nausea. I wrote it off to the poor eating habits one gets into while on the road. That and my friend Andrea happens to have a very serious Reese's peanut butter cup addiction and is an avid pizza lover. Anyway while on the road in the car and both flights home I've been feeling horrible, on the verge of throwing up. Advise from Facebook  friends say it could be anything from an ear infection to sinus infection. I'm not sure what it is but I hope it's gone soon.

 My other alternative was to find out what the root cause to my physically feeling this way could be. 
According to "You Can Heal Your Life" dizziness : being ungrounded and/or lack of focus & nausea: rejecting something. 

So what do you do when you are ungrounded, unfocused and feeling unaccepting? Crap my body is onto me again. With the boys' dad gone now I've hit the road running trying to do all the things I've ever wanted to do all at once all by myself. I want to do it all, be a full time mom, full time student, photography, blogging, & on top of that run a health & wellness business. Gosh if I just had more time and more energy and more hands and maybe if there was 4 of me I could do it all right nowWell whatever I'm doing right now is just not cutting it, it's time to recalculate.

 So I pulled up my top 6 from my Pushing daisies List. The task is simple, when I wrote it I had it in mind to write things that were most meaningful and chronological, so I'm creating a timeline where they are written as goals with deadlines. The hardest part I feel will be trimming things I really want but know can wait. 

1. I Raise my boys with unconditional love and  undivided attention on or before NOW 
This is first and foremost my most important job in this season in life when my boys are small they need me physically the most. This I feel so be my laser focused mission, to be there for them. I've been so focused that they have been taking the backseat for me to get to and from, that's not what I want them to remember in their childhood years. I'd like to give them a place to live, a home of our own, away from prostitudes, pimps, mountains of clutter and babysitters feeding them junk food while I'm away or busy, McDonald's & pizza are not a fitting dinner for my boys whom one is anemic and the other has high cholesterol. Lord help me. I'm their mom and want to be able to cook healthy meals for them, and have them play in an organized clean environment, living here is seriously stressing me out & I know with certainty it was one of the many many  reasons that contributed to me and the veteran's seperation. Being a single mom is definitely a challenge and I'm just beginning to figure it all out so I'm bringing forth all my talents and acquired skills to be able to stay home with them as much as I can. I am re-opening/establishing my photography & video business here in Southern California. I'm very excited about this, I think this is the key to get me back on my feet and on our way to a better living situation for the kiddos. There's a whole set of other goals that go along with that but no need to go into that right now. The point is I will have the flexibility to schedule and plan to be with the boys, something I Always loved about doing photography. 

2. I Get Personal Training Certification from ISSA  on or before October 15th, 2016 
I have a knack for starting things and not finishing them. I call it Project ADD (I seriously should get tested) , I start a project get so excited and somewhere towards the middle or the end I lose interest and start a new one. I'm just ONE retake exam away from a personal training certification that I've been putting off for months. Unfinished projects are energy suckers, I need to squash this one and get on with it. It will take me approximate 5 days to study and 2 split days to resubmit the final exam. 

3. I Run a successful health & fitness business on or before New Years Day January 1st, 2017
Photography is fantastic and I love it but Something inside of me just always wanted to make a real meaningful impact in this world so With my ISSA certification fresh in hand, and doTERRA by my side I plan to help  25-50 people start living a healthier natural life by the end of this year. This is a slow growing business of sharing and building.  Education on essential oils  and their many beneficial uses are the core of my business but I also will provide information on weight control, proper nutrition and natural ways to get and stay healthy. The hub for this business is already live on Instagram where I've started sharing my natural health journey @JenneVazquezEssentials 

4. I Grow a vegetable garden on or before May 1st, 2017
I don't know much about gardening but I'm assuming I will plant in the beginning of spring. We will use small pots to start. Starting with tomatoes and cucumbers, something I hope I can't completely sabotage. I'll do another go with a Topsy Turvy planter if we do not have much space. I hope this motivates my sons to eat more veggies, other than the ones i try to hide in their meals. Caspian also wants to plant forget me nots flowers that I promised him last year 🌸

5. I Compete in a bikini fitness competition on or before September 30th 2017 
 I will do an amateur competition just for personal esteem and development. This health goal will probably be the biggest physical challenge I've ever placed myself under. I do not expect to win, just to boost my confidence and surround myself around positive, happy, go-getting people. 

6. I  Get a bachelors degree on or before June 15th 2019 
That's  right 3 years away not 2. Despite being accepted to UCLA, UCI and other great research universities I decided ultimately to cancel my Statement of Intent. My dream of becoming a doctor is not dead, it's undergone a metamorphosis, doTERRA gives me the ability to help people feel better and I get to do it in a holistic natural way.  My plan now is to finish my original business associates degree which I only had 3 classes left to do. The load is smaller and more manageable so that I can work and provide for my boys and still manage taking college classes, right now all most of my stress and time was coming from a demanding science class so that will be the first thing to go to open up time to fulfill all the preceding goals I have set out. Next, I will transfer to an online program probably Cal State Fullerton's so that I can continue to run my health and wellness business here in Orange County. It might take me longer but gives me so much more freedom, later on when the boys are bigger maybe both in school I will apply for a post-bachelorette to finish my pre-med prerequisites and apply to Bastyr's or National University's Naturopathic Medicine program.  By then I will have more than enough money saved for a large downpayment or pay cash for a house near Washington, Oregon, Utah or Illinois where the veteran's family lives. 

Now that I've written this I actually feel a lot less nauseous, like I now have a game plan however ambition. I've failed so much I don't even care anymore I think as long as I can still get off my butt, dust off  I can always try something maybe slightly different. 

Note:  Constant reevaluation of these goals will be necessary. 

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