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Things I want to do before I push up Daisies

I've given myself some time to think about what I want. Allowing my brain to go crazy wild with dreams and wishes I have for this one precious life God gave me. My list was long and whirly and it sent me in a million directions. My desires are selfish and selfless, rooted and floating, it made me realize all my life I've been trying to do everything at once and so far I haven't done too much because I didn't know quite what to do with myself. So to minimize distraction I made a bucket list per say of all the things I want to do and given God bestowed me with enough life to do them I am starting with the most important first then moving on down my list. 

Things I want to do before I push up daisies List

1. Raise my boys with unconditional love and  undivided attention 
2. Get Personal Training Certification from ISSA 
3. Run a successful health & fitness business
4. Grow a vegetable garden 
5. Compete in a bikini fitness competition 
6.  Get a bachelors degree 
7. Travel the country in a trailer with my boys 
8. Run a successful family travel blog
9.  Visit Redwoods & Yosemite National Park 
10. Visit New York
11. Hike the Pacific Crest Trail & the Rocky Mountains with my Brother 
12. Visit Spain, Israel, Ireland, Costa Rica, China (Great Wall) , &  France (i.e. gel tower) 
13. Travel to every continent with my boys 
14. See the Northern lights with my boys
15. Purchase land/Homestead & live sustainably in the country 
16. have egg laying chickens & other farm animals 
17. Study Proper Nutrition for healing naturally 
18. Live in Chicago for a year
19. Study Naturopathic Medicine
20. Start a non-profit foundation for Women & Children
21. Create an annual college scholarship for single moms 
22.  Live in Hawaii for a year, see volcano 
23.  Live in Australia
24. Write a Best Selling Book 
25. Be on the cover of a magazine 
26. Interview on the radio  
27.  Present a TedTalk 
28. Learn to ride a horse
29.  Learn to Pole Dance (that's right I said it pole dancing!) 
30. Learn to Play the guitar
31. Run a Marathon 
32. Host an annual summer friends and family weekend gathering on our property 
33. Watch my sons graduate high school 
34. Watch my sons graduate college 
35. See Mt Everest 
36. Visit the pyramids in Egypt 
37. Dance with my Son(s) at his/their wedding 
38 Bake cookies with my grandchildren
39. Build a school for girls in a disadvantaged country  
40. Name a Star


I've lived 27 years and in those years I think there's plenty to be celebrated here are Things I've already done: 

Meet a President✔️
Graduate Mater Dei High School with Honors ✔️
Get married✔️
Have kids ✔️
Vacation in Acapulco, MX ✔️
Get Professional Photography Certification from NYIP ✔️
See the Whitehouse✔️
Go to college (associates in Liberal Arts with emphasis in Math & Science)✔️
Buy a House ✔️
Get paid to Travel ✔️
Visit NorthEast (Boston, Rhode Island, Harvard University) ✔️
Get features & published in a Magazine ✔️
See the Grand Canyon✔️
Road trip across the US (4 times! Once from CA to VA, twice NC to CA and once CA to IL) ✔️
Visit the South (I love Florida!) ✔️
Travel with my mom ✔️
Go to Disney-world (& Disneyland) ✔️
Meet a Celebrity ✔️
Stand up in a close friend's wedding ✔️

Now it's your turn, tell me what's on YOUR bucket list!?

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