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Naperville Centennial Beach

Downtown Naperville's Centennial Beach ( is often the highlight of our visit with family here in Chicago. I really like this town, the houses, the stores and the river walk. There's tons of history here and art to see. Sand toys, swim trunks and towels towing we made our way out to the man made beach today, I laid out in the grass watching Bean play in the sand while Peanut & his dad played in the water. I remember them having waves that would go off every couple of minutes, not sure why they don't anymore, it's more like a huge sandy pool now without the artificial waves. Still if I lived here I would totally get season passes, it's only $8 for residents ($12 non residents) and since the veteran is now staying to live in Naperville we saved ourselves some money. Bean made friends with a few girls making sand castles and Peanut enjoyed bobbing around in the water for hours. 

I took some family portraits tonight and we are headed to pick up my little brother from O'hare driving up with him to Milwaukee where he lives. I'm feeling a little worried about the riots over another police related shooting that are happening there right now. I'm praying for safety and peace, we live in some crazy times. 

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