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A Stye in my Eye & Teeth Falling Out

We are on the road now on our way to Chicago. We've been planning this day for months... 

 For the last days I've had an ugly visitor sitting upon my face, I didn't know what it was at first when my right eye started to hurt, then the red pimply looking thing appeared on my bottom eyelid. It's ugly, it's unsightly and uncomfortable, it's a Stye in my eye. Literally. I've been rolling Melaleuca and Lavender oils on my cheek bones and doing warm compresses with chamomile tea bags and it looks like it's going away soon. According to Louise Hays, "You can Heal Your Life" we manifest physical ailments for what we suppress emotional and psychologically. So I looked the metaphysical meaning of Stye in your eye, it  represents suppressed anger. So crazy, I don't  consciously feel angry but my body is trying to tell me something, I need healing.

This morning I had a strange dream, I was talking to someone and then Felt my
teeth feeling loose, then one of them fell into my hand. I was both horrified and embarrassed.  I believe dreams also bring messages from our subconscious. So what does this dream mean? "Losing teeth in a dream is a common symbol representing anxiety. It tends to come up during times of transition and often points to concerns experienced by the dreamer in waking life." This was so spot on, l kept reading... 

"Dreams about losing teeth generally symbolize:

  • Losing teeth in a dream: Represens feelings of anxiety. Point to feelings of helplessness and lack of control over one’s life circumstances.

  • A costly compromise or decision
  • Radical change

  • Starting a new project or phase in your life" 
I'm at a crossroad. I am going to consciously choose to own my emotions,  acknowledge, & accept them. Then I'll lather myself in essential oils, say my affirmations and start to eagerly and mindfully work towards healing my soul.  


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