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Veteran's Birthday

It's morning, the Veteran wakes me up and urges me to get ready. The street sweeper comes at 8AM and we must get the truck off the street before we get a ticket. Friday mornings are usually us waking up early waiting outside until the city sweep passes and we can repark the car, but not today. 

Today is July 1st, the Veteran's birthday. I've got nothing planned. In fact this year I've let him take charge of planning his own special day. He says something about having a dream about donuts. So I wake up Peanut and shuffle him out of the room in his pajamas. "We're getting donuts!" I tell him, He's confused. "Donuts For Daddy's birthday!" Again I remind him  and urge him to move along. As we are making our way out a Suncrest Solar guy arrives, not today, I think to myself. He says his name is Steve and it'll be quick, I warn him about the street sweeper soon approaching and show him the power meter outside by the pool. I  excuse myself and we are off and on the road, a quick stop at Salvation Army and to our birthday donut run at TKs Donuts. 

We each get a donut, Vet and Peanut each have sprinkles and I'm feeling a little festive so I forego my usual Old Fashion for a glazed Coconut donut and a donut hole for Bean. When we return I see the Suncrest service truck is still outside and on the windshield is a city ticket. I walk to the backyard and check to see if Steve is O.K. The firmware is taking longer than expected he explains. 

We dress the kids and are off for a quick stop at the bank and to buy Vet his birthday present. That's how unprepared I am. I didn't even bother to buy his present, he wants a weightlifting belt or something so I figure he should choose it himself. I am fully aware my love language is definitely not gift giving and in alright with that, speak to me in quality time, that language I speak fluently. Anyway, At the store he chooses a leather lifting belt, water bottle and lifting gloves.  Some minor groceries after and we are off. 

The minute we arrive home my mom catches me outside, she's sitting in her truck in the driveway  and asks me for a favor. We didn't even unload our stuff before I find myself sitting in her truck running errands while birthday boy stays home with Peanut. She's angry at me about something, the old yellowing juicer she's had since the 90s that I've never seen her use is missing. I donated it that morning. Feeling irritated... I don't understand why we should keep stuff we don't need and don't use ever. We argue, I apologize, no real resolution. Just a sense of future issues and that I should not have moved back into this cluttered house in the first place. We stop by the city to get the plumbing plans of the house, there's a leak and water consumption is higher than normal. I can see why she's stressed. We come home, she bought a small tres leches cake for the Veteran. I'm feeling frustrated but consciously choose not to let this ruin my day. Vet is excited, cable  is coming back on today, I could care less but it's his birthday. He sits and sets it up, sure I guess if this is how you want to spend your birthday. 

I fall asleep on the couch with Bean. Vet wakes us up pointing the fan at us, can't sleep through cold. "It's time to go" he says, "I'm hungry." Ok, he chooses Red Robin for their bottomless fries. We arrive and get seated near the restrooms, this works to our advantage, the Bean insists on playing with the water in his cup, he screams bloody murder until we allow him to stick his chubby little fingers in it so I grab paper towels from the bathroom to dry up his mess before our food comes. Going out to eat, actually going out anywhere has become a mission with two kids.  We promise never to do it again unless we absolutely have no choice and definitely not to a nice restaurant, luckily for us this was a family friendly place. On my last trip to the bathroom I catch the waitress and request she embarrass my husband  with a birthday song. They bring him vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and sprinkles as they sing "Happy Happy Birthday from all of us to you...." The boys make that iced cream disappear within minutes. 

Last stop, Downtown Disney, wait, nope the two hour post parking fee of $12 is largely unappealing so we head to The Block outdoor mall instead. It's become a traditional family past time, walk about aimlessly window shopping until your feet hurt. I buy the guys a churro and we conclude our night watching a movie. 

As I sit here now I realize we completely forgot to eat the birthday cake and Sing Happy birthday so I'm going to pretend we are in a different time zone and do it tomorrow morning, who doesn't like cake for breakfast?!


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