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Rett's Birth Story

Rhett's birth story, to the best of my memory.... 

It was July 2nd 2015 my belly is protruding 11pm and I'm down on my knees scrubbing our small fridge with a mad case of nesting. Vet is at work at the club, I'm walking up and down the kitchen as I labor for hours. My contractions are about 10 minutes apart so no need to rush. 

It's past 3 AM now, July 3rd, Vet comes home and I tell him today is the day, get ready to meet our baby. Mi Amor wakes up Eldest brother and asks him to watch Peanut for us. Meanwhile Vet loads the car while I stand and sway my body through another contraction. Laboring in a car is one of the most uncomfortable things, waves are coming in 3-5 minutes now. 

We arrive at Orange Coast Hospital and walk in through the emergency room. The attendant woman is utterly clueless as to the kind of pressure and pain a laboring mother is in. She looks annoyed and says something about this not being the entrance for Labor and Delivery, it's after hours so I didn't bother to check if the maternity clinic doors were open. Despite having filled out and turned in pre-admittance papers she makes me stand there and fill out more paperwork while I labor in the empty waiting room. She's telling me to fill out and sign yet more papers and I beg her to summarize it for me, Gosh darn it woman Im in Labor! i have no idea what  arbitration means and ask her to explain the text to me, she simply tells me to read them again and sign. The last papers are two pages long with tiny microscope print, another contraction. I start to tear up not because I'm in pain but I'm utterly frustrated with this idiotic desk attendant. Vet and Mi Amor are yelling at me to sign the papers, I'm crying now. I sign the papers thank the stone cold receptionist and make my way into labor and delivery. 

I hold off as much as I can to intruding procedures, my midwife Denise comes in and is amazing from the very start. Finally they win and strap me down with all sorts of contractions, a belly monitor and I turn into a walking, beeping hospital monitoring specimen. I'm laboring just fine, contractions are getting closer together. Mi Amor sits at my right, Vet is at my left holding my hand as I lay there on my back, the most uncomfortable position laboring. They finally allow me to walk about, haven't they ever heard of gravity to help baby come down?  I drag the collection of wires and the rolling contraption around with me. For Peanut's birth I had taken Hypnobirthing classes, read books, had a detailed birth plan, a birthing ball, soothing music, visualization, the works! For Bean, not so much, I was relying on my body knowing what it had to do and trusting God and the Universe that all would be well as I welcomed my baby into this world. The one thing I was certain of is I knew I didn't want drugs, I refused to have any alteration to mine or baby's mental and physical state when we met I wanted to be fully aware and cognitive to meet my baby. 

I labor through the morning, they offer to break my water. I refuse, my body is fully equipped and capable of birthing my baby safely and naturally. I use my mantra to calm myself. I meet my baby on his own perfect time when he is ready. My baby is happy and healthy. 

Nurse midwife Denise is doing an amazing job checking in on me, they are still waiting for my water to break. The constant water intake fills my bladder and gives me a stomach ache but when I try to pee nothing comes out. I'm feeling pee shy with the nurse and request my mom to come in, I still can't do it so they use a catheter. The catheter is the worst, possibly second worst to delivery itself, twice they had to insert and remove it to empty my bladder. The ejecting of a catheter is the most uncomfortable sensation, I swear I screamed both times, it felt like I was burning from the inside in a part of me I didn't even know existed. I don't think I could be a nurse for that reason, I understand they help people but I don't see myself being responsible for distributing shots to babies, inserting breathing tubes down people's throats or pulling catheters out of patients. Weak sauce, oh well, my praise to all you nurse folks out there! 

The attending nurse is becoming irritated with me wanting to let my water break on its own. She performs another vaginal exam, this time she is specially rough, she moves her fingers around I can feel she is forcefully attempting to break my water against my wishes. She succeeds. I feel the warm liquid dripping underneath me as my midwife is called in and from one second to another, the bottom half of my bed disappear and  half the hospital staff is standing in my room. Nurse claims my water broke on my own, I wasn't born yesterday, I could feel her fingers hooking and scratching... But I let it go. I'm excited now, I get to see my baby soon. 

I curve my body in a J position as I push with all my might, Vet holding my my left  hand, my mom holding the other. Denise is loving and encouraging throughout the whole process. Baby's head comes out and they announce to me there is a possibility of shoulder dystocia because he's so big. On my last mighty push I hold my breath and keep my eyes closed but I can feel the nurse press her arms into my stomach maneuvering my baby aiding him on his journey out. I forgive her for breaking my water now, I get to meet my beautiful chubby baby. The vessels in my eyes and cheeks pop, I notice this later after the commotion is settled.

 It's 12:06 Friday July 3rd. You never know what your first words might be, "Mama's little monster" we're mine. He was big weighing in at 9.5 pounds, he has a head full of black hair and warm tan skin like his mama's. My eyes swell up and begin to cry when I first hear the sound of his voice. His cry is weak and sad, I feeling of what I imagine was post partum depression quickly overcomes me, he's only a few minutes old and already been through so much, I had a really difficult pregnancy. I take full advantage of Golden Hour to bond with my baby, skin to skin contact, and attempting to breastfeed are challenges ahead, but for now I'm so in love 

We spend July 4th, Independence day in the hospital,  I get my own recovery room, lucky me. We can see and hear the whole country's celebration our little room, it's like they are all celebrating with us.  Welcome to the world little beautiful one. 

I Love You. 

Your Mama 

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