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Dining room Splashpad

Have you ever been so excited to get a special gift you really really wanted and finally you got it and just couldn't wait to try them out? It's like receiving a kayak during Christmas or the Frye's leather knee high boots you've been googlie eyeing in the dead of summer. You bet your bottom dollar I'd be one to take that kayak out and snow board or find an excuse to use those boots for a night out because it's sort of moderately cold enough to need knee high boots. Anyway it seems my kids share my excitement, they couldn't wait to start splashing around in their new water table and turned the dining area into their own Splashpad. These crazy boys were giggling and laughing as they spilled water all over Mi Amor's tile, I couldn't stop them, I loved all the fun they were having. Now that Bean is a year old he's expressing himself so much more, his toothy smile lights up my world, this gift was just perfect, thank you Mima (that's Grandma from Chicago) your present made a splash!

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