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Dear Jessica

"Dear Jessica"
I'm writing today because you told me you read my blog and wondered whatever happened to me documenting stuff.  I actually just revisted the importance of journaling for 15 minutes a day so I think I'll start this blogging thing again for you and for me both.

Happy Belated mother's day, I hope you had a good one. The boys made a some  a yummy breakfast of chocolate dipped strawberries, coconut pancakes (they went overboard on the baking soda but dont tell them) OJ and played music for me while I ate. I got my first willow people "Quietly" its a mom holding two boys, Peanut made me a flower with his picture on it and wrote me a nice handwritten card. I also got a balloon, and a corsage to wear to church, we celebrated on the American mother's day the 2nd Sunday of May and not Diez de Mayo this year. I had wanted to go apple picking but completely forgot so we just kind of had a regular day after that running errands and visited with a friend for a BBQ then took my Anthropology midterm. 

My mom came over to have a belated mother's day breakfast with me. Due to her school schedule she came right after her 2nd job at night to wake up here, her and her BF's car battery was dying as they were getting off the freeway so they had to drive with the lights off in the middle of the night on a road with no lights. Luckily or rather, thankfully they made it here.

Quick tidbit on today, worked on editing some photography work, I've been a little too chicken to go knock doors for doTERRA. I've gotten at least two good solid leads, I'm so glad I'm not longer doing Solar, it was a great experience but my heart was just not in it. Anyway we went to this pretty awesome worship today at church, it was a Healing Worship service, it was amazing! Some of the symbolic things for emotional healing we did was writing down our worries, fears, anxieties on a candle putting it in sand and let it melt away as the shine lit it. It was enlightening to see my exact worries were reflected in so many others. "Where i am going" & "Being Enough" we're the ones that stick out to me the most.  For physical we wrote our ailments on pieces of broken pottery and taped it to a cross letting. Jesus Christ bear our burdens and placing our faith in him.  There was Spiritual Healing, forgiving someone but I think I'm good in that department after the Elite Retreat.. maybe i'll share about that in the future.. anyway love our church!

Last but not least, still trying to decide what UC to go to, UC Riverside, UC Santa Barbara, UC Irvine or UCLA... I am not any closer in making a decision. I have been praying for the answer but every time I think I found it I have second thoughts. Recently, the Veteran has been admitted to Moodly Bible School (again) but this time he applied to go to school on campus.. yes that means he's moving... and yes that means he's moving to Chicago. I'm very happy for him,  but I'm really nervous and frankly scared about what I am going to do. Kids, school, running two businesses... can be a bit much but I will finish school. Acomoder Lugar carajo!

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