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This Mountain

There's this mountain by our house where when the sun sets its rays glow all the way down the trails. I've been wanting to take the boys there for pictures and I finally walked them out there on my own. The Veteran is in Chicago now visiting family and finally meeting his nephew. Meanwhile at home we spent the morning with Mi Amor then drove back up to Riverside, went on this glorious walk which turned into a run and mini hike. Peanut ran ahead and played in the sunshine leading the way, bean watching from the comfort of the stroller. Later We prepped tuna, rolled sushi for dinner and Peanut had a tuna sandwich. 

Having full control of the kids is actually a little liberating, knowing I am  the only one making and keeping the rules, the authority figure and the sole care taker pushes me to keep going even when I'm exhausted, no one else is getting up to change, feed, wash, clean and work, that's on me, so buckle up buttercup & get it done. Peanut has given me a hard time, not listening when I ask once or three or five times, I eventually had to take the privilege of TV & videos away on his spring break, he cried and whined but I stayed strong, this is the only way he will know I mean business. I want him to be disciplined, hardworking and a good leader someday. I have started to play motivational speeches on my runs every day as I did on this walk with the kids. I also am re-listening to Dave Ramsey's EntreLeadership, I'm a huge Ramsey fan and what better way to spend the 1-2 hour drives to and from Riverside to Orange County? One of the things Dave talks about is going on a road trip with his parents in 1972 while listening to the likes of Zig Ziglst. At 10 years old that's probably not what you'd imagine a kid wants to listen to but it helped shape who he is now, in the same way I will take the necessary steps to make sure I am teaching my kids to be strive to be extraordinary, live out their passions, and don't stop until you reach the top of that mountain. 

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