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Cubs vs Angels Baseball Preseason Game

Bean is 9 months old today! Wow time is slippin away from me so I gotta get on this blogging thing.. Started the day with breakfast preppared with love and lots of grease by the Carnivore, i mean the Veteran. I opened up my acceptance letter from UC Santa Barbara, I got in!!! more on that later..  It was opening day for baseball yesterday for some teams, the Veteran found tickets to see his hometown team playing in Anaheim so he jumped on them then later found out they were preseason tickets, no biggie, just the experience of going to a ball game is enough for me. Im not a huge baseball fan, in fact I much prefer live hockey games instead but all in all it was fun taking the family out to see the Chicago Cubs play the Angels.  We got  there early enough to watch the ball players warming up, bought some hot dogs, sodas and shared an ice cream, ball game food is so expensive and not healthy but once in a while I figured is an acceptable splurge. Later that evening I had promised to take Peanut out on a son and mommy date after bailing on Mother-Son Bingo night early because I had work that evening. We decided to make it a family thing which worked out perfect since the Veteran did the heavy lifting of carrying blankets into the car, I packed snacks and we were on our way. Peanut wore his Superman outfit, he looked so cute, I am realizing now as I am getting ready to spring clean that I here's some he has overgrown, (i'm saving them for Bean)  I know and will miss them wearing the costumes so I'm ok with wearing them out whenever they please :)

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