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Easter Sunday 2016

Easter Sunday I was on two hours of sleep, Peanut woke up early asking if he could go outside to look for eggs. I distracted him while the Veteran went and quickly hid them.  Peanut got chalk eggs, bubbles, play dough and candy in his basket and some video game he's been asking for, Bean got a Melissa & Doug Latches Board yes! Bean found his first one on his way out the door. They searched then my Mi Amor called to tell me she was on her way to visit us, surprise visit! So they came, brought tons of food, mmmm sushi! then left right away, we showed up to church super late, forget makeup, did their egg hunt then came back home, snuggled on the couch a tiny bit then I asked the Veteran if he could watch the kids so I could take a nap, I was so tired. Bean and I passed out at 5:30PM and woke back up at 5:30AM the next day. Forgot to give him his medicine at 8 PM … We found easter dinner cold in the fridge the next day, I didn't color eggs or take their pictures specially Baby Bean's First Easter *sad face*…  this nighttime waitressing job is killing me! 

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