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Dickens Festival Downtown Riverside 2016

This weekend we had plans to have old friends over before the husband deploys.  Kev banged his head, it was bleeding and pounding and he felt dizzy so we rescheduled for Sunday. I shot a quinceañera prevideo and preshoot on Saturday evening (it was pretty epic it ended with a bonfire & s'mores at the beach) then Sunday morning our friends couldn't make it out because now they were at the hospital. So Kevin got up to workout early then we went out to our church service and listened to guest speaker Dr.Shirley. He  who spoke of all the miraculous things he had witnessed prayer and faith for Jesus Christ do. I really enjoyed his sermon but Cas decided he didn't want to go to Kids Service so he kept distracting me because he was so upset over our friends not coming over. After service unlike last week's picnic at the park the boys felt like eating pizza. I am still doing the Whole30 so we stopped by Garcia's local produce shop for a few avocados & mandarins then head out to find a pizza place where I would eat a plain salad. We ended up going downtown and ran into what seemed like a Victorian era fair. It was really neat they had live music, all sorts of meat pies, costumes for sale, and history galore! We walked around until our feet hurt, Caspian made a toy, there was doll making, tea time reservations for kids, lots of different vendors were there. I connected with a group of sweet ladies at the local quilt guilt who meet once a month on the third Tuesday & invited me to join them Caspian got a new compass and we bought a super cute shamrock necklace for a special Irish lady we know. We even ran into Abe Lincoln & his wife & got to see a replica of the model gun he was shot  with in Ford's Theater!

We wrapped up our day with laundry and some time outside with the boys, OurBaby played on the quilt while big brother ran around and kicked the ball, it was a super nice Sunday family day.

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