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Rett's 6 Month Appointment

Momo is 6 months! Time does fly, where is my tiny little newborn have you seen him?

He weighs  21 pounds 4.8 oz he has a big noggin and is in the 99%

He can sit up and has a total of 5 teeth!!

Scheduled for 3 shots i passed on the flu shot at least for that day. Doctor found he had an ear infection in his left ear, he had been a bit fussy which is unlike him but still very happy, he tends to caress both  ears all the time so we didn't think much of it. Doctor has him on antibiotics, I really want to use my essential oils and avoid using synthetic medicine but I figure  since we've already been prescribed then I can just supplement with the oils. On the same topic my mom is still in the hospital, also on the strongest antibiotics she's been there for over a week. I dropped off my petal diffuser and put it in her room diffusing the protective blend and because she was complaining of body aches I rubbed Soothing Blend on her back where she got her spinal tap. I also put Tension Blend on her forehead, behind her ears and neck to ease some of the tension and gave her a foot rub with lavender and frankinsense oils. Lavender also helps with swelling so I used my roller ball blend and applied it on her cheek bone and around her eye. I'm hoping both Mi Amor and little one start feeling better soon.

Lastly, Daddy came home from training early they found he is pre-diabetic, has high cholesterol (LDL) and low HDL and high bloog pressure. Regardless, we are happy he is home. Since my mom went to the hospital Day21 of my Whole30 journey I became very anxious and ate half a jar of almond butter then broke my complient streak with Peanut Butter, of all things! I got off the train for a second but Ive restarted with Kevin this time to help him learn new healthy habits and its just nice having someone to do it together.

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