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MLK Day 2016

First full day with my boys on my own, Daddy left to PSS training yesterday. I thought, so far so good. I used my trusty Passion Planner to plan out our day. Today was Martin Luther King day so the kids were out of school, we had breakfast, did laundry and then it all went out the window when we got the email back from Cas' buddy's friend who we invited over last minute for pizza. We picked her up, got a half-cheese, half-pepperoni pizza,  ran a few errands, got Cas a haircut (he chose it. very hipster but not sure how I'm adjusting yet) and finally came back home to build forts and they played Disney Infinity while I cooked. My plan had been to do some sort of community service today or attend a commemorative today's very important event but this was our chance to spend time with a friend since I'll be pulling him out of school soon when we move to Riverside in two weeks. We finished our day watching FedUp a documentary on on Netflix about our culture's overconsumption and addiction to sugar and how the food industry is winning the battle against the government to provide healthy and nutritious access to food for children. I think Cas really got a lot out of it because when I asked him if he liked vegetables he said yes and when I asked him what the show was about he said "sugar", what about sugar? "its ok to have a little bit, no a tiny bit is ok, not too much." Since I started the Whole30 this has been a big driving force for me, I want my kids to know the difference between healthy food and the processed junk food they see everywhere. Kev's absence has presented me a unique opportunity to take control of all aspects of discipline, education, cleanliness and nutrition for the boys that I am throughly enjoying. The next 6 weeks will certainly be interesting.

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