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Graduation from Community College

I started taking college classes as a junior in high school through the CAPS program hoping to finish my degree earlier but life happen...I'm 26 now and after a long hiatus out of school I finally got a degree. While an associates in liberal arts & sciences is no phD I learned that approximately only 65 percent of high school graduates go to college. Of the ones that enroll in community college only 39% finish within 6 years. Well although my journey took a little longer than 6 years I am giving myself grace since I was out of state did 3 years in Virginia and North Carolina. It's funny, I've always said, "I'm 6 units from an associates" and now I have achieved that goal. My graduation was simple, as an honors student I got to sit in the front row. My mom, brothers, son and one if my oldest friends from middle school were there to support me. I wore a long lace dress with tan wedges under my black graduation gown, you couldn't even tell I was 37 weeks pregnant! After the graduation picture hullabaloo, flower shower & bestowing of handmade money garlands we head to one of my favorites, Souplantation or "Zacatito" (little glass patch)  as we like to call it. It was a simple kind of celebration but just perfect I think for the occasion. Now on to my bachelors degree, I plan to transfer from SAC to a local state college Fall 2016, be it in nursing, nutrition or pre-med, I'm more interested in the administrative aspect of the medical field and being healthy so I'm hoping all these interests will find a home in the right career for me. 

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