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Our Baby Week THREE

DAY 15

Its a rainy humid day, Kev takes Cas to an Angel's baseball game, it was originally my idea to take him as a birthday gift… They wore their jerseys, Kev his Boston and Cas his newly customized Angels jersey. Cas is not too much of a baseball fan and wanted to leave after the fourth inning, they ate pizzas and got a new rally monkey. We dropped and picked them up at the stadium which unknown to me is only a few minutes away from home. I spent the majority of the day cooking between feedings and prepping for Cas' birthday party tomorrow, I'm exhausted.

DAY 16

Caspian's 6th Birthday! We have a Minions Themed Birthday party complete with a minion bouncy house and minion everything! I stayed up until 3 in the morning dressing up the water bottles to look like minions, and planning up the games we would play. Two of Cas' friends come to celebrate with him and a few of our family friends, Johnni Boy held you for nearly two hours and you slept in his arms the majority of the party. I tell him he needs to hurry up and get married to Joanna so you can all have more friends to play with soon.  ……….

DAY 17

Its hot and humid, I do a bit of cleaning after the party. I take a day nap for the first time in a long time with you and wonder why I've been running around so much and perhaps I should have taken some real postpartum time to just relax with you for a few weeks if not at least a a few consecutive days after birth.

DAY 18

We spend the day at home, I had some work to do on the computer typing up something for Mi Amor. Mi Amor bathes you twice, once in the morning and again at night with Caspian's help. She claims she used to do this to us (your uncles and I) when we were babies. You seem more aware today, your eyes follow me and you like to sit looking out when being carried around the house.

DAY 19

Its Wednesday our customary Mommy & Me day, I used to reserve this day to spend with Caspian when I was in school to go out to lunch and have one-on-one time to talk and play. Now we are calling it 'Mommy & Boys day' ……….. Mile Square park.  Grocery shopping.

DAY 20

Catch up day. I get caught up on my blogging, posting pictures and finish the wedding video I filmed in Florida while I was pregnant. I also design flyers in spanish to try to reach the latin market for photography and sign up for Fall semester.

DAY 21

Your very first day at the Circus!

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