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Our Baby Week ONE

THE DAY YOU WERE BORN…. you entered the world on Friday July 3rd, 2015 at 12:06 PM weighing 9 lbs 5 oz and  measuring 21.5 inches. Chocolate Cigars all around! Mi Amor and uncle Jeffrey  brought your big brother to meet you, he was curious but cautious when he first saw you, he said "is that him?" then daddy placed you in his arms, he loves kissing you we had to make him stop. They let him stay for cuddle time before mi amor picked him up that evening to take him back home


Happy Fourth of July! You were born twelve hours away from the nation's birthday. We spent another day at the hospital recovering.  Your big brother didn't want to leave but it was 4th of July so we sent him off with Mi Amor to sell ice cream and hopefully get a glimpse of the fireworks somewhere. Our view outside the first floor hospital window was the multilevel parking structure so there were no fireworks for us but you were enough to keep us starry eyed. 


Last day at the hospital,  Mi Amor brought me flowers. Then Denise, the wonderful nurse midwife that delivered you came to discharge us. On the way home we stopped at DK's for donuts for daddy and big brother. It was nice finally being home.


Daddy goes right back to work and we run errands with Mi Amor primarily trying to find a place for us to move into, one bedroom for the four of us is getting a bit cramped. Mi Amor keeps making me this really tasty chocolate drink she ordered from Mexico, my milk comes in but I'm still having a really hard time getting you to latch on. You are a good sleeper and I don't feel as tired as I remember feeling with Cas when he was a baby, I'm calling this phenomenon the 'eternal exhaustion' where i'm so tired all the time I don't even know the difference anymore. 


Tuesday we went in for your checkup...  This is the day the chills and aches started, accompanied by a migraine-like headache, dizziness and baby blues. I took the longest hot shower of my life… it helped a little. At your checkup you weighed 9 lbs 1 oz and apparently shrunk to 20 inches ? Dr. wants us to come back in 2 days and advices me to feed you every 2 hours around the clock.


Went to the DMV I'm Tired but had already scheduled this appointment for Cas to get his ID, I hope he gets to use it when checking into our flight to Seattle in a few weeks for the photography reunion. I'm so cold, the chills, aches and pain all over my body come back, my headaches are getting worse, I had tears streaming down my eyes and Mi Amor forced me to call the clinic. That afternoon we ended up at the ER, I had a 103 fever, after hours of waiting I finally got seen. This was definitely not a place I wanted a newborn to be. The Doctor fears I might have endometriosis, a pain assessment and pelvic exam prove negative. The fever persists 102 now, the kind nurse suggests mastitis and I'm treated with antibiotics. Kev shows up just as they are administering the antibiotics, Mi Amor takes Caspian home and we are released shortly after. On the way home we stopped for dinner at Cappriotti's and head to Target to buy a breast pump and fill my oral antibiotics prescription. You sleep through most of the day. 


I feel so much better, the nipple shields really helped and You gained weight! 5 ounces in 2 days almost half a pound, you're up to 9 lbs 6 oz now,  the pediatrician is happy and you're due for your two week checkup in one week. Kev takes Jeffrey out to the Marilyn Manson and Smashing Pumpkins concert in Irvine as an early birthday present.


Today was the release of the Minions movie but because we saw a preview of it, Kev took Cas  to see the Terminator instead. They were out and about all day, had lunch and went shopping. You stay home with me and we receive a package from Illinois. Its a gift from great aunt Pat, she handmade you a crochet blanket with the american flag colors (red, white and blue) its beautiful! She also sent you the very first of your college fund to put in a savings account for you, she's so thoughtful.

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