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5 years old Getting an ID at the DMV

Cas' 6th birthday is next week so I did something extra special, being a big brother calls for some added responsibilities and what better way to say "I'm growing up" than receiving your first government issued ID? I made an appointment, researched the requirements, in this case all he needed was his birth certificate and social, in fact just his birth certificate is enough to get a California ID if social is stated in the child's birth certificate (I made the silly mistake of forgetting the social at home and just as we were nearing the exit for the DMV we had to turn around and head back home to fetch it. Turns out we didn't need it at all) Mi Amor gave us a ride as I was only 5 days postpartum with baby Rett, I loved watching Caspian feel like a big grown up person all the while signing his name on the DMV ID applications and carefully following directions to place his thumbprint and stand on the stool for his picture. He refused to smile for the picture but was helpful in telling me his eyes were in fact green for the application, I completely guessed his height wrong by 6 inches, good news is kids keep growing so we'll need a new ID picture in just a few years. 

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