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Denied OB Transfer 29 Weeks

So incredibly irritated today. I got a call back from the women's health center where I was attempting to transfer my ob care letting me know that they won't be able to take me as a patient because I'm due in June. I should have looked into transferring my care so much sooner but with school and everything going on lately I procrastinated way too long. My iron final due date based on my last period is not until July 11th, it's a two week difference... I am really regretting it now that I have to continue my care with the same OB. The first visit was the first sign she was so wrong for me. For starters she  have me the most painful Pap smear i have ever had, I mean I was clenching my teeth, curling my toes and clawing the bed it was so painful. To which she asked "what's wrong" I told her it was really painful and she nonchalantly said "Oh ok" and continued. She was unnecessarily aggressive as she probed aimlessly with the intrauterine ultrasound wand.  She is not very helpful or reassuring and doesn't seem caring at all. She told me to stop any weightlifting even light weights because I could hurt myself, when I was found to have a yeast infection I asked if perhaps I should eat more yogurt as I seldom do she responded with "no, yogurt doesn't do anything. I don't know where people got that idea". I've had appointments with her where she doesn't ask if I have any questions or concerns, they once lost my medical records and she asked me where they went, "I don't know I'm the patient not medical records!" I don't like my OB, I'm having a hard time accepting that I'll deliver at a hospital I don't quite care for either. In fact I had never even heard of this hospital before, my first choice was HOAG but I've heard great things about St. Joseph's too, never have I heard anything or know anyone to deliver at the hospital where I'm going to be pushing this baby out. The only thing I can wish for now is hope to God that OB is on a day off, holiday or unable to make it for my delivery. I almost would just about have anyone else there but her. 

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