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Baby Damian's Baptism

This weekend we celebrated our first little nephew's baptism. Kev and I were asked to be Godparents and because he may be leaving to go back to North Carolina for a potential job training we scheduled and planned the entire event in the matter of days. Baby Damian started his morning listening to a collection of classics, from frank Sinatra's my way to the Beatles. Mi Amor bathed him and godfather (Kev) put on his undergarments as its customary. I, his godmtoher finished sdressing him in his pure white baptismal outfit whileuncle Jesse filmed and photographed. 

 We arrived at the church a little past 3 pm and the priest was waiting for us, I was impressed that he hasd learned all of our names downt o the wyay we spell it, Jenneffer vs. Jennifer. For most of the presentation baby Damian was content to have a bottle only stopping when he was being anointed and finally as we, parents and godparents shared in the holding of baby Damian over the baptismal pool. Father poured water over his crown and he let out a brief objectie cry followed by an accepting silence.
Leading a Christian life and teaching our children about Jesus is an honor and huge responsibility and we are happy to pray and be part of Damina's faith journey as godparents. 

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