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Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat! That's not a typo, its a really creative way of recreating the trick or treat experience for kids where you decorate the trunk of your car and kids come out and 'trick or treat' coming to each car as they would to each house. I was totally confused when I heard about it when asked if we would volunteer to decorate our car I wasn't sure what it was so some research later (ie. asked a lady at Michael's as I was taking advantage of their 70% off all Halloween items sale) I added a few things to my cart and a few days later here I am participating in this fun new trend. I took a few black trash bags, all our halloween decor which consisted of pumpkins, cutouts, witches, skeletons and flying bat garlands and anything else I could find. My bro helped me clean out my trunk which was filled with lawn chairs, sand toys, a ragged quilt I use for photo shoots and a mini sandcastle amount of sand, once we had a clean slate our neighbor even came out to play with Cas as we all spruced up the ole' Malibu. Cas dressed up as a Ninja Turtle  that day, today on Halloween he is dressing up as Dracula with a homemade costume using a pair of fake fangs he got from his loot!

Kev stopped by after work to say Hello at the Trunk and Treat 

Some of these were so creative I had to get a shot of some of my favorites!

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