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Our Secret Spot at Topsail Beach, NC

The fall weather has been so nice lately so last week Cas & I went on a mother & son date to the beach.  A day previous to our beach outing we took a family walk down the street. Cas wore his ultra stylist Despicable me pajamas as he pedaled throughout the neighborhood. All Vlogs thus far are filmed on my iPhone edited on Splice, the quality is questionable but regardless, I know I will love having these little memories when he's bigger.

Back to the beach, we have a what we like to call 'secret spot' in Topsail Island, it isn't really a secret but its less frequented by tourists since the parking is very limited in that area of the beach. I love the little dips in the sand and how they create little pools to play in. When we got there we were welcomed by biting flies and Cas wanted to leave almost immediately, I talked him into staying for a bit, we fought the evil flies to retrieve our snacks and the day ended well with daddy cooking up some ribs for us back home.

I made a little Flipagram out of the pictures on my phone from this day complete with music you can take a peek on Instagram HERE. 

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