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October Goals

I picked him up from school today, "I'm playing hockey with daddy today" was the first thing he said. A few hours later they were outside despite the rain. It had rained so hard last night that our next door neighbor text me to tell me she was thinking about coming over just to have some company. Watching them play made me think of setting goals and accomplishing them. Caspian would set his mind on a location he would like the puck to hit then hit it and more than likely where he was aiming was where the puck would hit. Likewise setting goals follows the same rules, if you visualize and think about what you want to do accomplish then most likely than not you'll get it or at least come close to it.  Let's quickly go through some of the tips to goal setting.

Goals must be attainable, specific and have a time in which it will be completed. Written goals have a better chance of being reached and writing them in past tense, as in "I ran 3 miles every Sunday in October" creates a mind-set that you not only can do it but tricks your mind into thinking you've already accomplished it, I'm learning more about this in the book "The Charisma Myth", more on that another day.

 October Goals

1. I workout using Insanity 6 times a week except Sunday in October
2. I finish my first 8 week Business degree pathway courses (Financial Accounting & Macroeconomics) in mid October
3. I Blog or Vlog at least once a week in October

It also helps to give yourself reward when you accomplish smaller goals, for example I love dried chili covered mangoes. My mom sent a bag full from California when she mailed Cas' Ninja Turtles costume and it took every piece of me not to eat them all at once. So every time I finish 2-3 days of Insanity I give myself permission to have a sinfully delicious treat.  For my Accounting and Economics courses I plan on rewarding myself with a mini shopping spree to equal the average percentage earned in the classes for example if I earn a 70% in Accounting and an 80% in Econ I take the average (70% + 80% / 2) = 75% so I would earn a $75 shopping spree! perfect for a new shirt and cute earnings since I lost one on the Minnesota trip. Lastly the blog, well  self satisfaction is reward enough really :)

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