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Just this week

I am well into my second week of the second half of this semester's class. But before I get into that… I did it! I finished my Macroeconomics and Financial Accounting courses with an A and a B so I treated myself to a well deserved shopping spree, well maybe not a spree but two new trapeze blouses and  5 pair of fashion earrings are definitely a stretch when you are accustomed to buying thrift and on sale for yourself if at all. So many long nights I stayed up past 3 AM studying and taking exams, so glad its over, I thought accounting had to be one of the most difficult classes I've ever taken. That was until I started Business Information, the first night I sat down to do excel worksheets I sat here crying. No joke, literally sobbing because I was so frustrated trying to follow exact instructions on a Mac laptop from a textbook that teaches PC only directions to an older version of Excell I didn't have. I'm no newbie to Excel but it made me wonder when would I be using this for everyday business administration, corporate jobs I can see maybe you'd need to know this, but photography and numbers, filmmaking and excel worksheets even don't go together, so I cried. School is hard, and its making me rethink the whole getting a bachelors in business idea, perhaps I'll just take things in stride, go for an associates at least, I'm only a few classes away, and then perhaps rethink what the next step should be, perhaps fine art? or focus on film, UCLA in California has a great film program. And speaking of California, I am so grateful to have gotten Kevin's findings back.

He is set to be out of the Marine Corps no later than the last week of January. We still plan on driving to California  early December, he will follow shortly after hopefully staying until he expires his leave and then we'll fly back to North Carolina one last time to road trip together just him and I to sunny Orange County, CA.

Other exciting things this past week (since I seem to have skipped a week which is why I will blog twice this week :), one of my brothers' birthdays, Cas & I sent him a "Happy Birthday" video text. I finished the Bat Mitzvah video we filmed together in Costa Mesa in late summer, figuring out how to burn a DVD nearly took me all day, I was thinking perhaps I should do a tutorial on how to turn a PAL broadcast video into a NTSC video since it took me so long to figure out perhaps I could save someone else the trouble… We went on a hay ride, picked out pumpkins at Mike's Farm and also went Boo-bowling on base, kids wore their costumes, they each got a free cupcake or cookie and paraded around the bowling alley then winners were chosen for select prizes and every child left with a goody bag. This week is Red Ribbon week at school so Cas has had to wear red, his favorite team shirt, crazy socks, crazy hair and hat day,  and tomorrow he will wear his Ninja Turtles Halloween costume that Mi Amor sent in the mail. The post people have brought a lot of exciting things to the house this week, from halloween costumes, candy and Cas' 5th birthday presents a tad bit late from his Mima (other grandmother) I also finally received my diploma from the New York Institute of Photography. Another reason to celebrate? :) We shall see, but now I have more excel worksheet homework to do.

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