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Wildflowers Workshop Reunion & Other Weekend Vlogs

Last weekend I got to go to the Wildflowers Workshop reunion in Bellingham, WA. I flew into Seattle and reunited with a  few of the April 2013 Wildflowers Workshop in Thousand Oaks last year, we had dinner at Pecado Bueno then drove up to the Canadian & U.S. boarder to Joy Prouty's home and had ourselves a ball. I will be talking a little more about my experience on my business blog later.   On my way home I picked up a few things for the boys,  sugar skulls  family decals for Kev's truck and a Jimmy Hendrix coaster for my brother Jeffrey. Jimmy Hendrix was born and raised in Renton, WA, it seems this state boasts the visits of the Beatles who stayed at the Edgewater Hotel in downtown Seattle, and is also residence of one of my favorite artists, Me Ra Koh. My favorite gift had to be the one I sort of bought myself, a local artist by the name of Allen makes eclectic clocks with fun shapes and themes, of course I had to get the camera which has a film container pendulum, so cute! Kev & I went on a thrifting date when I arrived home on Friday morning and we found an adorable wooden Pinocchio puppet made in Italy for 25 cents, score! When we went on our trip to Minnesota a few weeks ago we brought Caspian "moose poop" (hard shelled chocolate pieces that look like colorful rocks) this time I brought home some of Seattle's own version, "Big Foot Poop" (chocolate covered peanuts), I guess its just kind of become our thing to bring poop home LOL.

Since I was in a video blogging mood I made a few more videos this weekend, we turned on sparklers that we randomly had in the house, this didn't quite end so well. The the next day we played pirates outside and the boys made cookies (baked cookies didn't make it to the video, they were eaten way too fast).

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