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3 Things I'm Grateful For

So much has happened since the las time I blogged. I shot a beautiful wedding in Rhode Island, a few videos in California, came back to North Carolina and just returned from a trip to Minnesota to film another wedding with the hubs. I promised myself that I would be great at blogging everything since I would have so much downtime between travel but nope I didn't, in fact traveling is very tiring and I found myself nodding off mouth wide open in the airplane ride to and fro. Anyway I'm taking a second now to just log in and hold myself accountable for something else I promised myself, to write things that I was grateful for. I'm  a firm believer that gratitude is the secret to happiness and well I just haven't been practicing gratitude, I used to have a journal near my bed where I wrote 3 things big or small everyday that I was thankful for and 2 things I liked about myself that day. This always seemed to help me stand a little straighter, smile a little wider and look upon the present and future with hopeful eyes however lately and cant quite explain it but  as a result of stopping my ritual of writing I've been a sad grumpy mess. So here it goes 3 things I'm grateful for today.

I'm grateful for a supportive husband who gives me so much love even when I have none to offer. He holds my hand at take departure and arrival, keeps quiet when he sees that I need a moment and is insistent to ask when he knows there is something wrong.

I'm grateful for the way my son welcomes me home. When Tio-Jeff pulled up at the airport Cas was asleep and when i went to give him a kiss he woke up grabbed my hand and still buckled in his carseat he pulled my body close squeezed my arm and wouldn't let go of my hand the whole ride some. He talked and told us all about his weekend so detailed and cheerfully and says he wants to go to Minnesota to the Mall of America with us one day. His wish is mine as well.

Lastly I'm grateful for my brother who watched Cas while we were away. I know kids are not easy and he took on responsibility of our little guy for 3 days. The house was clean when we arrived and he even made him do chores we couldn't get him to do. So thankful to have such an amazing little brother.

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