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Packing for Boston | Aug 13, 2014 Vlog

The day I flew into Boston was really crazy, I stayed up late editing a film the night before and finished  just in the nick of time to start packing for a two week trip. Today we go to do some pretty fun things, I learned how to use the public transportation train/subway/metro or "T" as the locals call it, we went to Harvard Square and had some interesting food but more about that later... Tomorrow I am headed to Province, RI and then prepping to film the wedding in Jamestown.

Meanwhile I cant stop thinking of my little dude back home. "Mommy I really wan to come with you" he said to me. I explained to him he couldn't come unless he somehow fit in my luggage.   While I was packing I found him hiding inside my suitcase, its a carry on mind you so its quite small, he had gotten a blanket and a pillow and one shirt nuzzled under his head. He sighed, "Mommy comfy. This is ok. I come with you." My heart was breaking. I apologized for what I said earlier, "You need a ticket to get on the plane sweetheart." , "I wanna go California with you Mommy, see Mi Amor", "We don't have an extra ticket". He gets up and closes the door locking it, "You stay here."

Now that I'm here in beautiful Bay City, I'm missing my little guy so much. When I return my little 5 year old will be only hours away from his first day of kindergarden. Dear me where has the time gone?

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