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6 Years Today

6 Years ago a boy called me on the phone from Ontario Airport on his way to Texas. I'd known him for about a month and we'd been talking for a bit through text and calls. We chatted a bit then he asked me, "You want to go out with me?" I replied, "like boyfriend and girlfriend?"  "Yes" he said, "Ok." And that's how it happened, that boy jumped on that plane and flew away to the lone star state.

This morning as I finished up the last portion of Amanda Adam Photography's promotional video voiceovers I came into the room to peek in on Jeff when he turned to me and said, "Isn't today your anniversary?" Quickly I checked the date and it was, August 1st, the day that boy in the airport asked me to be his girl. Funny what 5 years of marriage does, there's no way we can forget our wedding anniversary since its Valentine's day but I found it quite comical that my brother remembered this one when neither of us did.

To remember this day we went to Chipotle, well actually we were going to do this anyway, one finally opened up in town and we had to stop by. The restaurant was crowded as usual, prices have gone up since we last went to a Chipotle but then again so has minimum wage so its something we expected.

For the last few months we'd been growing Cas' hair out just so I could shoot a Neverending Story themed shoot of him. I finally had the opportunity earlier this week so he got a little trim after our fill of burrito bowls. Not afraid to admit I am THAT mother, the one that walked into the salon looking like a deer in the headlights, holding onto my chest like he was about to get his first shots. I mean he's five! I know this and its not his first haircut but its the first in a long while. I pulled up my hairspiration which included the likes of James Dean, David Bekham and Captain America haircut.  Something classic, different, maybe a bit greaser? We went with a pompadour and cut off his locks transforming him from a little boy into a bigger boy. The stylist was so patient with us, ok just me, she's got two kids at home her boy is only 5 months now agreed she'd be freaking out too. Cas looks so handsome with his new haircut, he put on his sunglasses when we put him in the car and I felt like he literally stole my heart away.

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