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Car Washing - Saturday Shenanigans

I peeked out the window and saw him there lathering himself with another layer of soapy water, next to him a blue bucket filled with sudsy car soap water. He's been five officially for a week now and he's growing and doing things he's never done before. Kev and Cas woke up early today and cleaned the house, after breakfast they both went outside to wash the cars a new chore. The car was completely dry whilst the child was completely soaked and soaped. Kev was on the other side of the car, Cas out of his view. Perhaps I should have been mad since I dont know how good car soap is for the skin,  but actually I was glad he was having fun outside. He laughed as he scrubbed the sponge over his belly then running around the car to daddy.  Cas sprayed me with the hose and then with goosebumps on his arms asked to come inside for a shower. I turned the water on and for the first time ever he showered all by himself then proceeded to get dressed with clothes he chose. I feel like clapping my hands together and giving a huge Horray! Long are the days of poopy diapers, feedings, lugging around a wiggly body, keeping things out of reach, he now even packs his own snacks, opens the car door and buckles himself into his carseat!

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