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Poplar Grove Plantation Farmer's Market

Sitting here finishing up the last of the caramel and cinnamon popcorn from the farmer's market as the boys make their way back home from the grocery store. We are having ribs tonight, originally we had planned to make them when Kev's parents were coming in but they called yesterday to tell us they wont be making the 16 hour drive down. It seems back problems are something they all share, meanwhile Kev had his appointment today and he is doing a lot better since his micro back surgery last month.  Back at the farmer's market, today we stopped by for some wine tasting, organic corn, fresh watermelon, yummy popcorn and peaches. I love shopping at farmer's markets and supporting local businesses, honey and produce especially but lets just say its not always better, the peaches were $6 for 6 and one had a worm's hole,  another was smashed and raw on one side completely hidden to me when I grabbed a bag, and when we got home Kev screamed for me to come in the kitchen and in the sink there was a live worm inching around that he found in another peach.. so gross... it serves to say we'll be a little more careful when shopping for products, perhaps inspect every peach and not just grab a bag next time.  After the shopping was over we head over to pay a little visit to the resident birds and took a peek in the old barn to find oldschool vintage cards inside, Poplar Grove Plantation is a lovely place, I remember driving down here for the first time and wishing I would get to shoot a wedding here. Perhaps someday, meanwhile Wednesday mornings farmer's markets with my family will do for now

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