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A Month Full of Birthdays, Family & Other Shenanigans

July has been a very busy month, Kev's birthday initiates the month followed by a train of birthdays one after the other, its the midyear version of February where we celebrate nearly half a dozen birthdays from both sides of the family. We had friends visit us from Virginia, and family comes in next week from Chicago, add that on to my post production and editing workout and you've got yourself one jam packed month.  Cas turns five this weekend, we plan on having a simple family-only celebration, take him to his favorite place in town. Before we get to that TODAY is my little brother Jeffrey's birthday, its past midnight now so we've already done the traditional serenade, we paraded into the room sang happy birthdays and gave him birthday hugs. Its been so great having him here, Cas loves having someone to play with and he's a really good influence on him. Today (or is it yesterday?) they went outside after being cooped up all day and  played hide and seek in the rain, they ran back and forth from the front of the house to the back in their trunks, completely soaked and having a blast. They both came inside and took warm showers before critiquing my Pioneer Woman's recipe  for heavenly hummus wraps, Cas was not a fan but Jeffrey respectfully consumed it, I found them both eating left over lasagna a few hours later but my feelings weren't hurt, who doesn't love lasagna?  We've got some fun things planned for today, I'm taking a break from toiling away at wedding video production and we are headed to a music concert at the beach with the possibility of fireworks, quite fitting for the month of July.

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From my little brother's feed on his 20th birthday. He's such a little hippy, I love him :) 

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