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Our Big Family Vacation Visit to Topsail Island, North Carolina

I am just as happy as a clam these last couple of days, my family came out to Topsail Island, North Carolina to visit us for the very first time ever. By that I mean its the very first time they have ever visited us anywhere outside of California, in fact the last time I remember my mom and brother coming to 'visit' was the day I gave birth to Cas nearly 5 years ago, and she left the very next day after he was born, so this is a pretty big deal. So much that I made it my mission for them to enjoy themselves as much as possible and share the best there is in our humble hometown and area. They came in last week after a very very complicated flight trip, their plane departed from Long Beach and detoured to Las Vegas, NV due to the flight attendant smelling gas in the cabin. Turns out the gas was leaking right above my brother and mother's seats, they spend the night in a hotel as did I with Cas and my youngest brother who arrived in a different flight the same day. We spent most of Tuesday in downtown Raleigh, NC visiting the Marble's Children's Museum and other local historic sites.  I was so upset to have lost a whole day with my family but so grateful they were ok, my mom and brother got to spend a nice night in Vegas, Cas loved the museum and I was excited to see my family. We've done so many fun things during their stay, from going ice skating, dancing in the rain, visiting Surf City, splashing at the beach, grilling, shopping, sharing ice cream, going fishing,  and church on Sunday together today.  The next two days we have a few other fun things planned before they return home to California.

Today after church we were on our way to do laundry and while we waited for the clothing to wash and dry we veered to a little dock across the street, one of my brother's occupied himself making a makeshift fishing net which I thought was really clever, the other involved himself in taking pictures. Shortly after, my mom and brother soon found themselves in the shallow water trying to catch a crab, it was quite a spectacle, my mom got pinched on her finger while Cas,  Kev & I watched curiously.  We then went shopping at the local tourist shops, Shark Attack and Tsunami, we bought from fresh shrimp from a small vendor,  then paid a visit to Top Ice Cream our favorite local ice cream shop.  We came home to munch on last night's leftovers from Kev's birthday dinner at the Italian restaurant before having grilled chicken wings, somewhere in the mix there was bean and cheese nachos and guacamole for appetizer and we played Irish music, definitely feeling a bit odd and yet very cultured.  My family is a bit unorthodox but I love them. Luckily this time I won't have to wait more than a year before I see them again as I will be filming an event in SoCal this August. 

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