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Sick Boys

Getting back into our old schedule now that we are back home in North Carolina. Can't help but think that maybe the sudden changes and lack of regiment may have played a part in the boys being sick most of last week while we were in Illinois. We originally tacked it on the White Castle burgers and Oberweis ice cream shakes but as both boys continued to be sick Tuesday through Friday our best bet was to  take bit of time away from visiting Nana and quarantine ourselves in the house. The weather was cold and windy (very Illinois-like however unusual for this time of year), it also rain so much that didn't help in luring  the boys into wanting to go anywhere anyway. One morning we woke up to lightning and thunder, not sure I'd want to move here permanently if we had the choice..  Cas kept talking about going back 'home' to Virginia, refused to eat anything and even said would wait to shower until we went back to his 'other house'. I'd brought a few books and his school workbook to finish while we were here but most of it remained untouched during the trip. 

This trip was a big eye opener for me in so many ways, I feel the boys perhaps would not handle the moving around adventuring and traveling that my heart desires to do. Cas is excited about living in a 'car house' but also mentions how much he  just wants "my house". What I think he means is he wants a home, one that we don't have to pick up and leave, where we always go home to and not have to leave our friends and neighbors behind with no promise to return. I often remind him that our current residence is too small to have too many toys out, my way of telling him we need to minimize and live simply but I may also be giving him the wrong message that we don't have enough room and its limiting how much stuff he can own. I'm on over-thinker. 
 On a drive through Naperville he pointed to the houses and said, "Mommy those a' big houses" and I asked him "do you want a house like that?" he said "yes mommy, that has much room!" I'll be honest, I used to want a big house, one with a beautiful brick exterior, a cut out stained glass entry door, island in the kitchen, two stories with a balcony, big back yard, jacuzzi bath, maybe even a swimming pool… not asking for much here LOL  but really who needs all that stuff?   My soul years to wander, travel the back roads, run free in the wildflower fields, collecting small pieces of beauty from small town to small town and for this we must travel lightly. However in this trip I learned that I must heed to their needs as much as my own. 
tummy aches are no fun for anyone 
Cas and Kev need stability, specially the little guy. He's moved around so much in his first four years of life I wonder if it may be affecting him more than we want to admit. "Where are we living next?" he often asks with happy enthusiasm. The military lifestyle is not easy and so we are constantly weighing our options in all issues specially when it comes to someday's life on the road.

“Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.”― James Baldwin

For now I feel that only until we have a stable home that he we will truly be able to take flight. 

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