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3 Reasons Why We Love Illinois

Illinois is a great state, I've had a crush on Chicago since I was a teenager. I visited for the first time with my best friend when I was admitted to Loyola University and he was admitted to Marquette. Neither of us ended up moving there but it was my favorite spring break ever. How lucky am I to have met and married a guy from one of my favorite cities in the United States? Today I'd like to share 3 reasons why we love Illinois and would perhaps, maybe, possibly, with a pinch of certainty just might  consider moving there in the near or distant future. You like how certain that is? :) 

1. Family

This one is obvious, we have family there. Kev has been away from his family since he joined the service almost 9 years ago. I always wanted a sister and now that I've got one I get the opportunity to do whatever it is sisters do. Cas would love having grandparents and auntie & uncle to spoil him continuously not just on holidays and birthdays. 

2. Lots to Do : Downtown Naperville’s Man Made Beach, The Bean, Lalapalooza

These are a few things Chicago and its nearby suburbs have to do, I could go on forever but these are my favorites. Naperville's Centennial park man made beach, i blogged about our visit on our old blog HERE is such a neat place, I could stand not being near a beach if we could visit downtown Naperville a few times a month. Cloud Gate or as locals call it "The Bean" is just straight cool. Walking down Millenial Park in downtown Chicago on that snowy spring break with my best pal is one of my favorite memories and road tripping to Lalapalooza has been on my bucket list for the last 8 years. Also the IndieWed, my favorite independent wedding bridal fairs takes place in Chicago, I would love to shoot more weddings surrounded by likeminded  free spirited vendors and clients. 

3. Hunting & Homesteading

Illinois is a big game hunting state. Apparently the more north you go the bigger the deer get, the plains that expand for miles are perfect habitat for these deer, and for that reason Kev would love to live here. I myself would actually like to learn to hunt someday, perhaps it could be something we do together along with homesteading. Growing our own food and producing the majority of our household products is a dream we have, its good for the earth, body and soul. Its a totally different kind of lifestyle but with different seasons in our lives this is something we'd like to do eventually wherever we settle down.

downtown naperville

the River Walk in downtown Naperville, IL

Cas being spoiled by his Auntie 

Sisters on our way to a wedding  

enjoying the wedding with new friends 

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