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Virginia Beach Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon 2013 Our First Family Vacation

A day late but not a buck short, this week's video blog is our Virginia Beach Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon 2013 Our First Family Vacation. I have been meaning to work on this one for a long while and I did earlier this week then the software crashed and deleted my work. A few choice words were said, I resisted the urge to send my laptop flying across the room, took a couple deep breaths, prayed to God for some grace, then walked away from the project. I woke up today at 6 AM this beautiful Saturday morning while Kev handed me breakfast and lunch on the couch (thanks hun!) , its 2PM now and the video is finally ready! again!  

A little about this video: It takes place back late August, early September 2013. This was our first official family vacation that didn't involve visiting other family members, just us three having a blast by the shore of Virginia Beach. I ran my very first half marathon which I trained for months to run and I did quite well. I plan on running more in the future. Cas loves watching me race and is a bit of a racer himself, he sets up 'races' which he always has to win. My favorite clips from this project are of course the beach but more than that, Cas playing with my mini-camera keychain and jumping on the bed in our hotel room. He still asks to visit our "house without a kitchen" in Virginia LOL We also made quick pit stops at the Virginia War Museum as well as Jamestown which were both really neat places to visit.


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